Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Check daily to ensure that equipment is safe and operational to operate before use.
  2. Report equipment that has defects to office same day.
  3. Timely attendance every day at the agreed upon start times and take breaks as permitted.
  4. Responsible for following health and safety directives.
  5. Provide self evaluation for performance reviews.
  6. Train or direct Landscape Technician – Entry Level as needed to perform various duties.
  7. Promote and practice a safe working environment.
  8. Prepare grounds for new installations, this includes removing existing landscapes.
  9. Lead installations for new irrigation systems, lawns, and general plantings.
  10. Drive continuous improvement efforts utilizing Teammate and Customer feedback.
  11. Communicate in a positive manner with all areas and levels – Customers, Management, & Teammates.
  12. Ensure adherence to policies and procedures.
  13. Complete other tasks and projects as assigned.
  14. Most work is self-directed with the commensurate knowledge to achieve the task at hand.

Key Performance Measures 

  1. Equipment defects are recorded same day as observed.
  2. Completes work assigned in a quality and timely manner.
  3. Report to work on time and take daily breaks as permitted.
  4. Submit completed timecard on time every time.
  5. Report escalated Customer issues same day.
  6. Utilizing proper lifting techniques when loading or unloading materials/equipment.
  7. Train or direct Landscape Technician – Entry Level in equipment operation or work efforts as required to promote a safe work environment.
  8. Office programs and processes implemented and followed.
  9. Self and Landscape Technician – Entry Level evaluations submitted on time as requested.
  10. Works well with others.
  11. Practiced a safe working environment.
  12. Attends 95% of scheduled training per quarter.

Job Requirements 

  1. Good communication skills
  2. English and Spanish proficiency required
  3. Focused on safe practices to ensure a safe working environment
  4. Sense of urgency to solve for the Customer
  5. Three – Five (3-5) years of demonstrated Landscape experience
  6. High School Diploma or GED equivalent