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We have been well served and benefited from Pazmany Bothers Landscaping for over 30 years. Our first experience was with Mr. Joe Pazmany, who rehabilitated badly neglected front and backyards that came with the home we purchased. He and his team went on to make significant improvements to our garden, designed and reshaped our garden, converted much of the front yard into a draught-resistant one with native plants and flowers and achieved significant saving in water usage for us. Since Mr. Joe Pazmany’s death, we have found that the Pazmany team has continued to perform- fully meeting our expectation. Over the past 30 years, we cannot recall that they have ever failed to show up on schedule or failed to timely and diligently carry out various gardening tasks that we had requested. We feel confident in recommending their landscaping services to anyone.


Los Altos Hills, CA

When we moved into the area in the middle of December I thought it was a hopeless effort to find a landscaper to help make our yard presentable so close to the holidays. It was a lucky Wednesday when I saw the Pazmany Bros. Landscaping truck in front of my neighbor’s house. I picked-up my two year old and walked right out to ask the crew member on duty, Paul, if he thought his company would be able to take on my house before the holidays. He gave me a number to call and within an hour Peter Pazmany was at my door and we were walking around my house discussing the best way to handle my property both for the quick clean up and long-term maintenance. Within days two crew members were cleaning out the overflow of dried leaves and debris that had accumulated on and around my house, and the Friday before Christmas I got the present of discovering we had grass in our front yard.

Since then I have continued to be happy with our service with Pazmany Bros. Landscaping. Paul, the crew member we met on that first day, has become one our regular landscapers and each week my daughter looks forward to spying at him through our windows and shouting out her hellos. Once, after a strong storm swept through the area, Peter came out to assess the damage and repair a fallen trellis before I had even realized it had fallen. And with our busy schedules I have appreciated being able to use either email or phone for both urgent issues and just tossing around improvement ideas. All of the crew members have always been friendly and approachable. Knowing Pazmany Bros. Landscaping is a family run business, it makes sense that we feel like we have always been treated like family.

Amanda O.

Mountain View, CA

My husband and I are so pleased with the landscape design and installation you did on our home this past year. We are eager to complete the planting once the cold weather and threat of frost has passed.

Your attention to detail, success at coordinating the hardscape contractor, the pool contractor and all the elements of lighting, irrigation, and materials delivery really impressed us. After multiple experiences in the past with people in your trade, we truly appreciated your ability to manage the project and complete everything so beautifully on time!

We really enjoyed the whole experience! You and your crew were great throughout the process. As a Broker, I intend to add you to my list of recommended vendors and hope to direct business your way.

Mike & Denise

We recently completed a major backyard landscape project using Pazmany Brothers Landscaping and now have our dream backyard. We interviewed many landscapers and are so happy with our choice.  The finished project is everything we hoped for and the quality of work is excellent. Peter Pazmany is very easy to work with and attends to every request immediately. His crew is friendly, dependable, and courteous and they are true craftsman. Part of our design included stone seat walls and a large patio done with pavers. The workers meticulously laid each stone and the result is excellent. We never anticipated taking on such a large project but Peter made sure that we stayed on budget and reviewed the project on a regular basis. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Howard B.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work (through the heat and the rain!) on our backyard project. You have all been so nice and it has been great meeting you and working with you all. Thanks for putting up with our questions too! Special thanks to Kevin for running such a great crew, sourcing the unique materials, and dealing with the subs. We are really looking forward to our new beautiful backyard thanks to all of you!

The Ross Family

I initially had Peter come by and give us a quote on changing to a more water friendly landscape. Our yard is just too large and due to personal reasons, we weren’t able to go through with it. I appreciate Peter’s suggestions on how to apply for the rebate program, so hopefully I can finish my yard. 

I recently did some pro bono design work and called Peter asking about how much it would be to replace some plants in the planter boxes in the front. He said he would do it as a donation to the charity.  He came by and said he would clean up the front and power wash the front of the building. Wow! Much more work than I anticipated. So then I find out their irrigation is broken and they don’t use it because if floods the street and shorts out the elevator. I tell Peter 2 days before they come and he says, “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure we can fix it.” They ended up cleaning up the entire building, power washing the entire building, put mulch, new plants, fixed 4 valves and replaced their broken timer. His staff communicated with us on what their plan was and implemented it. I’m in awe. Thank you Pazmany Bros. Landscaping…I am touched and amazed on how you help our community and our project. Everyone at the charity was touched and grateful of your work. I cannot thank you guys enough. Will post pics soon.

Angela L.

Palo Alto, CA

Peter’s and his crew do great work. They are extremely knowledgeable and responsive. I’ve hired them for two client projects and both times they have met unreasonable requests and even more unreasonable timelines without flinching. They have rebuilt entire irrigation systems, switched plant orders and taken on lots of additional work never once saying they couldn’t do what was requested. Yes, they are expensive but not more than other top tier landscaping companies and the entire team, Peter, Kevin, Francisco, Ramon, Armando, Victor are all a pleasure to work with.

Stacey O.

We have had Peter and his company work on several of our client projects. They have been very professional, respectful, and helpful to work with. We are happy to refer them to our clients. Timing and cost are very important to them. I would recommend to everyone.

Malika J.

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Pazmany Brothers throughout most of 2017.  As a result of the drought, we pretty much let the landscaping die back in 2015 and 2016.  In 2016 we hired a landscape designer to prepare a plan for both the front and back yards.  Our project was quite extensive including removal and replacement of concrete patios and walks, removal of several trees, and existing mature plant materials. The new work included the installation of new flagstone and brick walkways, patios and a new gas fire pit and seat wall.  The work also included the installation of new irrigation, both drip and spray, as well as landscape lighting.  

We interviewed four landscape contractors that were suggested by our designer and settled on Pazmany Brothers to do the work.  It turned out that our Landscape designer, who was supposed to be working with us throughout the construction, moved to Southern California before the construction started and, as a result, would not be available to help us oversee the landscaping construction.  When we explained the situation to Peter Pazmany, he suggested several other designers, but by then it was January and everyone was busy.  Peter offed to assist in reviewing the plan and personally be involve in plant placement and selection.  We made three trips to two different nurseries looking at and selecting plan materials with Peter, and made several minor modifications to the overall planting plan.  There are six mature redwood trees in our back yard.  Peter recommended an arborist to inspect the trees and make recommendations to protect the redwoods.  Peter visited our project once or twice a week but Kevin, Peter’s project foreman, was there every day making it easy to discuss and resolve any issue that may come up.

The plant materials basically followed the designers plan, but with Kevin’s help, adjustments were made based on sight conditions.  When plant materials were delivered, there were subject to inspection and approval.  There were several instances where plants were rejected by Kevin or ourselves due to poor condition or damage.  Kevin actually located two large Australian fern at a local nursery that were not called for on the plans that he felt would be a great addition which we added to the area near the fire pit.
The project was started in the middle of January.  It turned out to be a very wet spring, and even thought work was difficult, as I recall, there were only three days that no one was working on our project.  The project was never left idle for more than two consecutive days when they were waiting for materials.  If anything the opposite was true.  Whereas most days there may be two to four people working on our project, when necessary there could be up to ten to twelve people working when concrete was being poured or sod being laid down.
We found that both Peter and Kevin, and for that matter all of Peters crew, were very easy to work with and willing to make adjustments in the field without complaint, when requested.  Although we had a few extras on our project for changes that we requested, there was not any nickel and diming about minor changes.  

Overall, I would highly recommend Peter, Kevin and Pazmany Brothers for any landscape construction work you might have.  Given the opportunity, I would look forward to working with them again.

Dave E.

Los Altos, CA

Great team, great work, and great people.  You really get what you pay for!  We went through a lengthy house remodel and also did the Landscaping.  We started with another landscaping company which was cheaper but all the nightmare scenarios you hear about all came true.  The original landscapers rushed through the scope, started everything but didn’t finish anything.  Materials and quality of the work was also subpar.  In addition, they walked out on the job because the residual amount on the contract wasn’t enough for them to keep spending time here as they underbid a “Fixed contract”.  They also failed to pay for the concrete subcontractor which risked our house to be put on a lien.  The whole experience was a nightmare.  

We still needed to finish our yard and found Peter through a referral. He was every bit as advertised.  No one likes to finish or fix other people’s work but they stepped up and really got us out of a jam.  The communication was good, the workers are professional, and the result was what we had envisioned in the first place.  We are big fans of their work.  They set the right expectations and ensured that everything would be done correctly.  Thanks for helping us through our project!

Jack C.

Our backyard looks beautiful now; super easy ro maintain and the water bill will be drastically smaller. Although it is brand-new it all looks and feels so natural as if our now outdoors paradise was always there. Pazmany’s people are great to work with. Cleaned up after themselves. Left me with helpful tips. They were punctual, fulfilled all we agreed on before. I calked several landscapers and Pazmany was the first to call back, set a time to inspect and followed up with an estimate pronto. I am very pleased!

Javon F.

Mountain View, CA